‘Sister Wives’: Each Wife’s Pettiest Moment – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The Brown family may have once insisted that they were happy together, but that illusion was difficult to keep up with TLC cameras around. After the show’s first few seasons, Sister Wives fans started to question just how happy Kody Brown’s four wives really were to share a husband. While Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth and legal wife, has been accused of being petty multiple times, none of the Brown ladies are immune to displaying some pettiness. Did you catch some of the pettiest moments from the four? 

Janelle Brown appears to have covered up Meri Brown’s face in a family photo 

There is no love lost between Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, and Janelle Brown, his second wife. In fact, their distaste for each other has been heavily featured on Sister Wives, regardless of how much they’ve attempted to sweep things under the rug. Over the years, Janelle has gotten a bit of a reputation for being sneaky and passive-aggressive, but a Reddit user might have just uncovered one of her pettiest moves. 

Reddit user caught a screenshot of the background of Janelle’s home in an episode of Sister Wives. A picture of Kody with his four wives sits in a frame, but another photo has been placed in front of it, obscuring Meri Brown’s face. While some fans argue that it likely wasn’t purposeful, others are sure it’s a sign of Janelle’s true pettiness. 

Meri Brown laughed at Christine Brown when it was clear she was incredibly upset 

In season 8 of Sister Wives, the Brown family traveled for a vacation. Kody invited his friend, Ken, along for the experience, angering Christine in the process. Christine quickly explained that she wanted an apology from Ken, who told Kody he should leave three of his wives and return to the Mormon faith. 

Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown Meri Brown and Christine Brown from

Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown Meri Brown, and Christine Brown | Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

Instead of understanding that Christine was upset, Meri scoffed at her concerns behind her back, laughing along with the rest of the family after Christine stomped off. The moment wasn’t exactly Meri’s finest when dealing with the other wives. To be fair, Janelle Brown, who claims to be so close to Christine, and Robyn Brown behaved similarly. Reddit users were quick to defend Christine and sympathize with her plight. 

Christine Brown sat Meri Brown to tell her why no one wanted to hang out with her 

Meri and Christine once had a good relationship, by Meri’s own admission. Christine even noted that she and Meri were friends before Christine joined the Brown clan. Somewhere along the way, their relationship faltered. Neither seemed entirely sure why.